On screen integration of Laserfiche with Enterprise applications...

Automatic Creation of Document Template – from AutoCAD, automatically create a document template from any title block and store AutoCAD drawing files or associated documents in the Laserfiche document management system, including cross references

Intelligent Search & Retrieval – with your drawing on the screen, search the Laserfiche database for other associated AutoCAD drawings and documents

Scan – scan an AutoCAD drawing file or an associated document and have the drawing file information populated automatically. Select Scan Document from the LFIntegrator menu and the Laserfiche Scanning window will be opened ready to scan.

Laserfiche supports AutoCAD drawing storage and viewing natively, making it a perfect repository for specifications and bid packages.

AutoCAD fields can be used as lookup keys for Laserfiche retrieval.

Laserfiche can organize all types of documents from the hundreds of drawings you have - to the napkin you used to write out a business plan. LFIntegrator and Laserfiche can find them anytime from anywhere.”

- Scott Martin, Gordon Flesch Company

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